(Online) Workshops

German Sweets Keeps You Up To Date on Confectionery Export

To keep our members up to date with the latest information on topics relevant to the confectionery sector, German Sweets offers its members comprehensive workshops. To ensure the best possible exchange of information, all workshop participants gather together at various locations throughout Germany. However, in the light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our workshops are currently being held online.

In addition to classic workshops, German Sweets has recently also started to offer a virtual "Regulars' Table" (a panel discussion event for regular memebers), where our members can meet online and exchange information on current issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our programme is always oriented towards current developments in the confectionery industry and the varied interests of our members.

Planned workshops:

  • 27.– 28.02.2024 "Customs Law Export Processing"
  • 05.03.2024 "Basics of Export and Customer Communication Abroad"

Former workshops:

  • 12/01/2023: Online Seminar "Brand Management"
  • 20/01/2023: Online Seminar "International Key Account"
  • 11/05/2021: German Sweets Web Conference 'Future Market - Austria'
  • 19/05/2021: German Sweets Web Conference 'Future Market - Russia'
  • 13/09/2021-15/09/2021: In-person Workshop 'FDA Quality Management Requirements (Official Certificate PCQI)' in Bonn
  • 16/09/2021: Online Workshop 'Successful Trade Fair Presentation, Preparation and Participation'
  • 21/09/2021: German Sweets Web Conference 'Future Market - Spain'
  • 21/10/2021: German Sweets Web Conference 'Future Market - Sweden'
  • 14/12/2021: German Sweets Web Conference 'Global Trends for Snacks'
  • 13/01/2022: Online Workshop 'Key Account Management'
  • 10/02/2022: German Sweets Web Conference 'Future Market - Belgium“
  • 11/02/2022: Online-Workshop 'Information event: Changes to the HGB in France'
  • 15/02/2022: Online Workshop 'Value Added Tax in Export: Basics & Case Constellations'
  • 16/02/2022: Online Workshop 'Basics of Export'
  • 08/03/2022: German Sweets Web Conference 'Future Market - France'
  • 23/03/2022-24/03/2022: Online Workshop 'Customs Export Processing'
  • 29/03/2022: German Sweets Workshop on the 'Access2Markets Database'
  • 05/05/2022: Online Workshop 'Communicating virtually - how to approach customers online'
  • 17/05/2022: Online Seminar „Food and Labeling Law in China"
  • 09/06/2022: Online Seminar „Grundlagen des Internationalen Marketings für Export Manager"
  • 29/09/2022: Online Seminar „Basics of International Marketing for Export Managers"
  • 21-23/11/2022: "FDA quality management requirements "
  • 01/12/2022: Presence workshop "Foreign sales with system"