General Meeting & Export Conference

Review of an Exciting and Inspiring Annual Conference in Berlin

On June 13th and 14th, 2024, we had the opportunity to meet in Berlin for our annual conference and general meeting as an export network of the confectionery industry. Thanks to your numerous and enthusiastic participation, the event became a valuable forum where, in addition to the professional contributions, your personal exchange on topics related to export was the focus.

The event started with a highlight. The first part of our export round took us to Teufelsberg, where Thomas Ebenfeld and Dirk Ziems from the research and consulting company conceptm provided us with valuable insights into intercultural empathy in a multipolar world. This will be of great importance for long-term success in the export business. Particularly fascinating was the tour of the former US listening station, where we could dive into the exciting world of espionage stories from the Cold War era and impressive street art works.

The following day began with our general meeting at Wilmina Amtsalon, a former courthouse. Our chairman, Dr. Stefan Feit, emphasized the growing challenges in export and highlighted the strong response of the members who use our network. Especially in difficult times, export and the diversification of distribution channels are of great importance.

You can find a photo collage with impressions of our annual conference here.

Once a year we organise a General Meeting and an Export Conference for our members. Each event takes place over two days.

General Meeting
At the General Meeting we report on the activities and strategies planned by German Sweets, which are intended to provide our member companies with even greater support at the present time. However, the General Meeting not only serves to ensure a smooth flow of information, but also to encourage the exchange of information among members. This is because the event is usually embedded in the overall programme of the Annual Conference. In addition to the General Meeting, the programme consists of numerous other activities, such as various export rounds, joint lunches and dinners and an interesting evening programme.

Export Conference
By contrast, the export conference addresses export-related topics. For example, topics such as distribution channels and innovative ideas in the context of digitisation are showcased. In addition to lectures and workshops on the topic of "exports", the focus here also lies upon an exchange with and among members. The event is again complemented by shared meals and an evening activity for the participants.